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 "Working towards a sustainable Future"


EuroCert Auditing & Certification Services Co was founded in response to the growing global awareness and appreciation by leaders of business and indeed communities of the need to act in a truly sustainable manner particularly in terms of improvement of management systems, auditing & Certifying services.

Scalable sustainable development can occur when corporations, governments and individuals work towards a common vision. To achieve this vision, we must commit to the principles and terms of social responsibilities in each of every aspect of our missions. We take a broad view of corporate responsibility and embrace a range of activities from small, one-off events inspired by individual employees to large, sustained activities.

In EuroCert we believe our commitment to sustainability – in its projects, support for communities and as a successful and progressive company – is a direct reflection and expression of our corporate purpose, values and conduct. So, we are now finding that we are winning work because clients see that we are embedding the principles of sustainability in our business.


Certification in sustainability

 Certification in sustainability is a voluntary process. Any entity conducting a business for which a standard exists may ask to have its products or services certified by a certification body, such as EuroCert Certification is awarded for a specified time period, during which the certifying body carries out monitoring.

EuroCert has acquired a unique skill set enabling it to develop standards with extremely rigorous environmental and social criteria. These specifications attest to EuroCert's capacity for innovation. EuroCert draws up each standard in conjunction with representatives from each sector involved - professionals, consumers and users.

Why join the EuroCert Certification program?

Consumers are increasingly demanding to know where their products come from, and that they have been sourced in a responsible manner. Joining an internationally renowned certification scheme shows your customers your commitment to both people and the environment, and helps create a world where sustainable farming is the norm.

Secure Your Supply

Certification as part of a sustainability program involves people at all stages of the supply chain. Together they invest – directly or indirectly – in farming practices that lead to a better future for farmers, helping you to build a good quality, reliable supply at competitive prices.

Strengthen Your Reputation

Working with EuroCert provides independent assurance of your sustainable sourcing strategy, and contributes to more sustainable supply chains for producers, manufacturers and retailers.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Research shows* that 72% of consumers expect businesses to take care of the planet and society as a whole. This means that the majority of your customers will expect that from you.

A huge step towards this is providing products from environmentally and socially responsible sources. With EuroCert, sustainable products and Services can be traced throughout the whole supply chain, so you can easily assure your customers that certified products are linked to certified sources.

Know Your Products

Traceability is one of the foundations on which EuroCert certification is based. All certified members, register their sales and processing activities of pure certified products and Services in the EuroCert traceability system.



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