Eurocert Patent Services Office

As the Eurocert Patent services office, we support innovation, competitiveness and economic growth around the world through a commitment to high quality and efficient services and play a leading role in developing an effective global patent system

The main task of the Eurocert Patent Services office is to grant:

1- European patent

European Patent Trace Number

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2- Eurocert Patent Approval Certificate

Phase 1- European patent

EPSO may act as Receiving and designated Office to get European patent:


·         Natural and legal persons who are nationals or residents of an EPC (European patent convention) contracting state (UK is contracting state of EPC since7 October 1977), since they may also file international applications with the EPSO acting as a receiving and designated Office.


·         In such cases it is sufficient that at least receiving or designated Office's agent is a national or resident of an EPC contracting state.


·         If the applicant has chosen the EPSO as receiving Office the international

             Application should be sent directly to one of the EPSO filing offices.


·         Any international application must contain the following elements:

  1. Description
  2. Claim
  3. Abstract
  4. Drawings must only be filed when they are necessary for the understanding of the invention. As regards international applications in the field of biotechnology

·         The international application has to be filed with the EPSO as receiving office in one copy only.


International filing date

·         Applicants must carefully consider the date on which an international application is to be filed and accordingly choose an appropriate way of filing to assure timely receipt at an EPSO filing office the international filing date of an application filed with the EPSO as Receiving Office is the date on which the application is received at The EPSO's filing offices. International applications must be filed in writing, either on paper or in electronic by E Mail. They may be filed direct, by post or fax


Acknowledgement of receipt

The receipt of an international application at an EPSO filing office is, as a rule, acknowledged by post within four working days. The acknowledgement explicitly confirms the receipt of each separate document and item making up the international application (e.g. description, claims, abstract, data carrier, letter, etc.).


Representation in the procedure before the EPO as receiving Office

·         Information on the representation of the applicant(s) during the international phase must be provided.

·         Two categories of representatives – have the right to practice before the EPSO as receiving or designated Office:

  • Any professional representative entered in the directory of Professional representatives maintained by the EPSO
  • Any legal practitioner qualified to practice in patent matters in one of the EPSO contracting states and who has his place of business in that State.
  • Only a person belonging to at least one of these categories may be appointed as agent for an international application filed with the EPSO as receiving Office.


Phase2- Eurocert patent Servises Office as registration office 

Grant of this certificate as organizational approval based on:

1- Self-Declaration that is made by applicant consists of: Description, claims, drawing and other related document like producing certificate and etc,

2- International Searching Report (ISR) that is made by Written Opinion of international Searching Authority (WO-ISA) the ISR contains, among other things, the citations of the prioart  documents considered relevant, the classification of the subject-matter of the invention and an indication of the fields searched.

3- Issue the Approval Certificate for Patent based on Written Opinion of international searching Authority (WO-ISA) the WO-ISA may be positive or negative.


Eurocert Patent Approval Certificate Trace Number

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Eurocert Patent Approval Register Number:

EPSO Applications


Patent Category Number of  Application
 1- European Patent 21
 2- EuroCert Patent Approval Certificate 42


 New Patent Registration


“Method for Extraction of Concentrate of Rare Earth Element from Phosphate Concentrate by Multi-Stage Process”

Patent Category:  EuroCert Patent Approval Certificate

Applicant: Iran Minerals Production and Supply Co, IMPASCO

Inventor: Dr. Maryam Kargar Razi                                                                                    


Register Date: June23- 2015



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