ISO/IEC 21878:2018 Information technology — Security techniques — Security guidelines for design and implementation of virtualized servers

 Data centre infrastructures are rapidly becoming virtualized due to increasing deployment of virtualized servers (VSs) for cloud computing services and for internal IT services. Since VSs are compute engines hosting many business-critical applications, they are key resources to be protected in virtualized data centre infrastructure. As VSs are becoming mainstream in typical data centre infrastructure setups, the secure design and implementation of VSs forms an important element in the overall security strategy.

The purpose of this document is to provide security guidelines for the design and implementation of VSs. The motivation for this document is the global trend in enterprises and government agencies deploying server virtualization technologies within their internal IT infrastructure as well as the use of VSs by cloud service providers. Hence the target audience is any organization using and/or providing VSs.
The intended goal of this document is to facilitate informed decisions with respect to architecting VS configurations. Such design and implementation configuration is expected to assure the appropriate protection for all virtual machines (VMs) and the application workloads running in them in the entire virtualized infrastructure of the organization.

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