Getting Serious about Sustainability
The past few years have seen mixed progress for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The time has come to leverage International Standards for actionable success.
ISO 22341, Security and resilience – Protective security – Guidelines for crime prevention through environmental design
A widely used urban planning approach to reduce crime and improve quality of living in communities, CPTED is a concept where living environments are designed in a way to deter violations and reduce fear amongst inhabitants.
ISO 22483:2020 Tourism and related services
In many countries, one of the challenges that individuals and businesses have faced in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has been the lack of a consistent approach, even at the national level. This Standard has been conceived as a tool aimed at offering a satisfactory guest experience, promoting direct and indirect guest loyalty by ensuring the appropriate framework for providing the minimum quality service expected by an experienced global tourist.
EuroCert Server Room and Data Center Audits
server room and data center audits. It is intended to be used as a guideline for plan- ning, implementation and acceptance testing of server rooms and data centers. Nowadays, the physical security and availability of IT is of vital importance to companies as many IT-supported business processes run as real-time applications. Interruptions would immediately result in inconvenient failures and possibly losses in production. Many banks and insurance companies include availability results in their risk assessments for loans and premiums.
The service industry is a key driver of economic growth, being, for most countries, the biggest employer. Consumers are the backbone of services, so taking their needs into account when it comes to standards for the sector is essential. The international guide for standards developers has just been updated.
ISO GUIDE 82:2019 Guidelines for addressing sustainability in standards
In a world where standards can be simply defined as agreed ways of doing things, they provide stakeholders with appropriate guidance to help them create structural frameworks to minimize risks, operate more efficiently and continuously improve. With many key players addressing and incorporating sustainability into their practices, ISO provides a guide to bring much-needed clarity to the conversation.
What COVID-19 Can Teach Us About Sustainability
Sustainability is the concept of maintaining equitable conditions across not only socioeconomic and geographic barriers, but also across generations and through time. Sustainability seeks to demonstrate that there is a way for society to progress and prosper in harmony with the planet. It’s about maintaining a healthy balance between people and the environment.
ISO 10018:2020, Quality management – Guidance for people engagement, recognizes that it can be difficult encouraging staff to take up quality management systems and understand how they are relevant to their daily work. By focusing on better integration of engagement strategies, the standard provides a framework to enhance people’s involvement and competence within an organization, helping them to feel a valued part of it.

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