How ISO codes connect the world
Codes are often associated with mystery and secrets. But, sometimes, they provide clarity and consistency in our ever-changing world.
Standards to solve systemic challenges at Davos 2023
ISO provides solutions to global challenges, such as mitigating the risks of climate change.
Eurocert Global and SatoshiSwiss conduct new standards for Crypto Asset Management Firms Audit
Eurocert Global and SatoshiSwiss conduct new standards for Crypto Asset Management Firms Audit
How standards shape a gender-responsive technological transformation
The future is digital, but more inclusiveness is needed. UN Women and ISO are partnering to promote a more gender-inclusive world.
The future of consumer advocacy is here
From sustainability to vulnerability, we’re fighting for the protection of our families, friends and neighbours. Together, our voices will be heard.
Getting Serious about Sustainability
The past few years have seen mixed progress for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The time has come to leverage International Standards for actionable success.
ISO 22341, Security and resilience – Protective security – Guidelines for crime prevention through environmental design
A widely used urban planning approach to reduce crime and improve quality of living in communities, CPTED is a concept where living environments are designed in a way to deter violations and reduce fear amongst inhabitants.
ISO 22483:2020 Tourism and related services
In many countries, one of the challenges that individuals and businesses have faced in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has been the lack of a consistent approach, even at the national level. This Standard has been conceived as a tool aimed at offering a satisfactory guest experience, promoting direct and indirect guest loyalty by ensuring the appropriate framework for providing the minimum quality service expected by an experienced global tourist.

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