ISO 10018:2020 Quality management — Guidance for people engagement  
Looking for the latest on employee engagement practices? Look no further. The arrival of ISO 10018 promises to shake up the marketplace – even for the most innovative of organizations. Learn ways to engage people in your quality management system and enhance their involvement and competence within it.    
ISO/IEC 24091:2019 Information technology — Power efficiency measurement specification for data center storage  
This document describes a standardized method to assess the energy efficiency of commercial storage products in both active and idle states of operation. A taxonomy is defined that classifies storage products in terms of operational profiles and supported features. Test definition and execution rules for measuring the power efficiency of each taxonomy category are described; these include test sequence, test configuration, instrumentation, benchmark driver, IO profiles, measurement interval, and metric stability assessment. Qualitative heuristic tests are defined to verify the existence of several capacity optimization methods. Resulting power efficiency metrics are defined as ratios of idle capacity or active operations during a selected stable measurement interval to the average measured power.    
ISO/IEC 21878:2018 Information technology — Security techniques — Security guidelines for design and implementation of virtualized servers  
This document specifies security guidelines for the design and implementation of VSs. Design considerations focusing on identifying and mitigating risks, and implementation recommendations with respect to typical VSs are covered in this document.    
ISO 18526-3:2020 Eye and face protection — Test methods — Part 3: Physical and mechanical properties  
This document specifies the reference test methods for determining the physical and mechanical properties of eye and face protectors.    
ISO 20887:2020 Sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works — Design for disassembly and adaptability — Principles, requirements and guidance  
This document provides an overview of design for disassembly and adaptability (DfD/A) principles and potential strategies for integrating these principles into the design process. This document provides information for owners, architects, engineers, and product designers and manufacturers to assist in their understanding of potential DfD/A options and considerations, and for other parties who are responsible for financing, regulating, constructing, transforming, deconstructing, or demolishing construction works. This document is applicable to all types of buildings (e.g. commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential), civil engineering works (e.g., dams, bridges, roads, railways, runways, utilities, pipelines) and their constituent parts. It can be used for new construction, refurbishment and renovation, and in the design of incremental improvements in, or complete redesign of, buildings, building systems, civil engineering works, and their constituent parts.    
ISO 22059:2020 Guidelines on consumer warranties/guarantees  
This document specifies the form and content of warranties/guarantees that a manufacturer and/or supplier can use to address reasonable expectations of products by consumers. This document is applicable to transactions between businesses and consumers of new and used products, including online transactions. This document is also applicable to products associated with services to complete a transaction (such as, buying clothes that need alteration).    

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