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Academy registration:


1. Leadership Academy

The Leadership Strategy is a potent combination of strategy, character, inspiration and a heart of that Business. The world’s most admired; enduring companies have a compelling purpose that moves all who are connected to it.

The Leadership Academy is a Subsidiary Educational and Research Company which is registered as “EuroCert Leadership Academy Registration” for designng and facilitating customised leadership Stratgy that accelerate performance, help execute strategic plans, facilitate change, shape organisational culture and develop business in the “Main Companies” around the world.

The Leadership Academy Help main Company’s Managers to develop the character, competence and judgment needed to steer complex global enterprises with a purpose beyond profits and products.

“Accredited Register” shall mean a voluntary register accredited by EuroCert Leadership Academy Registration and shall mean a “qualification” approved by the EuroCert that:

 (a) meets the threshold qualification for the relevant Register(s)

(b) meets the standards of education and Research published from    EuroCert time to time  

 (c) meets the  EuroCert standards of proficiency for registration. (standard of continuing professional development)


2. Leadership Academy Registration Benefits


Registration of professionals is important for the Development Knowledge and technology and  present Last Business Innovation on Main Company‘s  Approch in related field  and is increasingly viewed as essential by  Managers,employers, providers, commissioners and other interests. Through registration Leadership Academy, a Company shows that they are committed to upholding high professional standards and to keeping their knowledge, skills and experience up-to-date through ongoing professional development. If  a company  fails to uphold standards then they can have their Registration status restricted or removed completely.

  Basically this is a voluntary registration but most of the workforces are regulated through registration with the EuroCert.


3. Applications for Registration

An application for admission to the Register(s) maintained by the EuroCert includes:


a. The Applicant’s Information

        full name

      date of birth


     home address

     work address

      telephone number

     email address


b. Business field and the name which is proposed for Registration;


c. details of applicant’s education, training, experience and qualifications in relianceupon which the application is made;


d. whether he has previously been voluntary registered in a certification body, and if he has, details of such registration;


e. Confirmation that Applicant:

        Does not have an unspent conviction or caution for a criminal  offence and, or a conviction elsewhere for an offence, which if committed in Main Companies Territory, would constitute a criminal offence;


     A declaration as set out rules of the Applicant’s Business Tax Situation;


      Evidence that the Applicant holds an Approved Qualification. In addition, with respect to any application for renewal of registration, a declaration by the Registrant that he has met the standards of continuing professional development required by the EuroCert .


*EuroCert may request further documents, information or evidence from the Applicant for the purposes of verifying the information in and determining the application.


f. be signed by the Applicant;


g. be accompanied by:


i. payment of the registration application fee

ii. payment of the annual or first registration fee (as applicable)


*Completing an approved course does not guarantee that someone will be accepted for registration.

*The approved routes do show us that the applicant meets EuroCert professional standards (Standard of Continung Professional Development (SCPD)) and is eligible to apply for registration.


h. Successful applications


If your application is successful, we will:

       publish your name, specialty and location on the publicly*

available Register of; EuroCert Leadership Academy Registration

        send you a letter attached via email on the day we    * registeryou;and

         send you a digital registration certificate* 

i. Rejected applications


Your application may be rejected if we believe you do not meet our standards of proficiency or our requirements. Please note your application can only be assessed based on the information you provide with your form. If your application is rejected one of our administration team will be in touch via email with an explanation. You can appeal against the decision within 28 days of the date on the rejection email. If your appeal is accepted, you may reapply by submitting a new form, supporting documents and registration fee. You will need to provide the grounds for your appeal (that is, why you believe that the decision taken is wrong) and follow the appeals procedure.


4. Standard of Continuing Professional Development (SCPD) 

As someone registered with EuroCert Leadership Academy Registration, you must ensure that you continue to maintain and develop your knowledge and skills to demonstrate your continued Sustainable Business. The standards are intended to be flexible, enabling you – as a professional – to decide how best

To maintain your knowledge and skills.

A Registrant must:

a. undertake continuing professional development in accordance with the standards specified from time to time by EuroCert ; and

b. maintain an up-to-date record (including any supporting documents or other evidence) of the continuing professional development he has undertaken.


5. Registration Periods and Fees


The registration period for the Register(s) is One year and the following fees shall apply to applications for registration and applications for renewal of registration:

a. A non-refundable fee with respect to determination of the application

(Application fee).

b. A fee with respect to the first registration period (registration fee)

4. Application for renewal of registration (renewal fee)


6-Registration renewal

31. Not less than 30 days before a Registrant’s registration period ends the Registrar shall send to the Registrant:

a. an application form of renewal

b. notice of the renewal fee

c. a notice warning the Registrant that unless a completed application form accompanied by the renewal fee is received by EuroCert  on or before the date specified in the notice, the Registrant is liable to be removed from the Register(s).


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