EUROCERT COVID-19 Clearance Verification Approval


 As you resume operations after the COVID-19 outbreak, protecting the health of your employees and customers becomes more important than ever. EuroCert provides an assessment that offer remote audit and supervision services to ensure the effectiveness of your cleaning and disinfection procedures

Clearance verification assessment is based on current WHO and other Internationally and Nationally recognized guidelines. We will:

  • Assess your documented cleaning and disinfection procedures, inspired by national and international standards
  • Validate the efficacy of your disinfection procedures
  • Validate your Clearance Testing by approved laboratory testing
  • Assess Workplace disinfection (the effectiveness of your cleaning and disinfection programs and the extent and persistence of COVID-19 on surface).
  • Asses your regular real/time monitoring of workplace clearance
  • Check your Hazardous waste management
  • Check your Psychosocial support and staff wellbeing
  • Assess Safe working operation and Health testing of employee
  • Check your Emergency protocols activation
  • Identify possibly affected areas and surfaces, and mapping of exposure routes and transmission pathways for COVID-19
  • Assess your Risk communication (internal and external) activation
  • Validate your internal Training program for cleaning and disinfection procedures


Premises that meet the defined requirements will be awarded the EUROCERT COVID-19 Clearance Verification Approval. This Verification Letter provides assurance that hotels, retail stores, restaurants, offices and other facilities have effective procedures for cleaning and disinfection. As a result, it offers customers and staff peace of mind as they enter and use the facility, knowing risks have been minimized.

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